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Picture to ICO Converter is a new program made by Citynet Webtools. Citynet Webtools knows the struggles of converting an image to the correct ICO format. The Picture to ICO converter is a free, one-click tool that converts media images into .ico format. Picture to ICO Converter solves this issue with ease. Designed for efficiency, Picture to ICO Converter only takes about three steps to get your file converted. 

How does Picture to ICO Converter work?

The following steps explain how to use Picture to ICO Converter.

  • You can upload files either from a local file or from an external URL.
  • To upload a local file, you will need to browse it on your computer.
  • If you choose a remote URL, you can upload your image from the URL.
  • Choose the icon size from the drop-down menu. All ICO sizes can be converted and downloaded.
  • When you have selected or pasted the image URL, click on the Convert button.

In a few seconds, the ICO file will be converted and the download button will appear. Save the ICO file where you want.

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