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If you're looking for a program to type in all your text in lowercase, uppercase, or any combination of the two, Convertcase Online is what you need. It's free and has many customization options. Convertcase Online is an online service designed to help users change the case of text in Microsoft Word, whether it be sentence case, title case, or headline case. 

Citynet Webtools created the website, and users can type or paste any text they want into a box on the Convertcase website and select from four different formats: sentence case, lower case, upper case, and capitalized case.

What is the Convertcase Online?

The Convertcase Online is an online tool that helps you convert your text into all lowercase letters, Sentence case, UPPER CASE, Capitalized Case Word. It's great for people who are looking to save time when typing. It's very easy to use and it helps you accomplish what you are trying to do in just a matter of minutes. The Conversion case has a nice, clean and simple user interface that makes the whole process easier.

How to use the Convertcase website

It's easy to use, all you need to do is type in the text that you want to convert and choose the language that you want it converted to. You can then copy and paste the converted text into any document.

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